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The Ball Cap Liner


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Best baseball head protection

Ball Cap Liner

Changing the way we view safety for all players on the field. A minimalistic approach with Patented Space Age Materials and Shock Absorbing Technology.


Minimalist Design, Substantial Protection

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BCL is now a requirement for Stoneham Little league!

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Baseball head protection with temple guard

BCL With Temple Protection

According to the Southern Impact Research Center, the authority on impact protection and testing in the US.
“Almost all ball head impacts in baseball are glancing blows however the temple area is the most vulnerable part of the human body and a direct impact at 30 MPH can kill you.”


Baseball head protection without temple guard

BCL Without Temple Protection

In a sport with so much tradition and strict rules such as baseball we offer the Ball Cap Liner (BCL) that is completely invisible with no temple protection. The BCL has D3O, a ground breaking shock absorbing impact protection material and a very hard metal replacement outer shell.


“I wont let my son go out on the field without a BCL! It’s the best sports protection since the football mouth guard”

Todd Stottlemyre

Feels incredibly comfortable and I feel safer just by having it on. It’s amazing that I can use it without the big look on my head.

Chris Woodward

First base coach Seattle Mariners

“Light and comfortable”

Kendall Graveman

Relief Pitcher Toronto Blue Jays

“The best protection I have tried”

Chris Young

2016 World Series Winner- Kansas City Royals