The BCL Mission Statement

Dear Baseball Fans and Fellow Ballplayers:
As many of you are aware, player safety is at the forefront of the sports conversation not only at the professional level, but perhaps more importantly at the youth and amateur levels. While many correlate football to head injuries, the casual fan would be shocked to find out that some of the most dangerous injuries in youth sports happen on the baseball diamond. With closer dimensions and young talent that is evolving exponentially there is less reaction time thus more injuries than ever before. With the Ball Cap Liner, we have combined Cliff Floyd’s 17 years of professional baseball experience with innovation and space age materials to create protective head gear for baseball players of all ages. One that will blend in as well as provide maximum security to the head. Our product passes standard frontal impact tests, while eliminating the burdensome bulk and inconvenience of other protective gear. While ousting out the danger of head injuries we can help unlock the maximum potential of the players that use it. Our philosophy is simple: Feel safe, play comfortable. We are confident that this product will be instrumental in reaching the common goal of making the game we love a safer one. We would love to hear feedback from the baseball world, and look forward to discussing the possibilities with you.

Continued Success,

Tim Wisely