The proven material for metal replacement

The materials in this product range are based on semi-crystalline polyamides with partially aromatic content. This material is supplied as in granulate form for further processing in injection-moulding or extrusion processes using conventional, commercially-available equipment and moulds.

What We Offer

High-performance polymers

Polyamides are among the most versatile and well-performing of plastic materials.  These high-performance resins for use in injection-molding and extrusion processes. They are used in applications in the market segments automotive, industrial and consumer goods, electro and electronics, telecommunication, optics, medical technology and packagings.

The strengths lie not only in the development and manufacture of these high-performance polymers, but also in the creation of innovative system solutions with customers anywhere in the world. Cost and weight savings through metal replacement are the focus topic. Also available in unique solutions for high-quality surfaces, designs and colors.

The service performance is tailor-made to suit the individual customer requirements in each market segment. Starting with the first feasibility studies and economic analyses, experienced development engineers accompany customers through prototype manufacturing and specific component testing as well as in mold optimization and process technology. Where necessary, products are adapted to meet special requirements. This means that customers are provided with a complete solution and can differentiate themselves in their markets with cost savings, weight reduction or new designs.


Metal Replacement

The materials in this product family are polyamides manufactured on the basis of partially aromatic monomers.


They broaden the application spectrum of polyamides into the range of high-temperature thermoplastic materials.


The main application areas for these products are in die-cast applications where glass-fibre reinforced grades are used for metal replacement.