Small BCL Temple Guard Protection BCLST101 MAIN-
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Small BCL with Temple Guard BCLST101

$ 39.95

  • CAD: 57.98$

Impact protection headgear for baseball and softball fielders that utilizes a streamlined design with space age materials allowing a comfortable, lightweight fit while providing tremendous protection; including coverage of the vulnerable temple area. Fits snugly under a cap only requiring 1 size larger if wearing a fitted cap. A blend of protection and sleek design so the wearer doesn’t experience a cumbersome feel nor sacrifice appearance. Extremely lightweight so user barely notices it’s on and it doesn’t throw off their mechanics or balance.

The BCL® is available in two sizes with or without temple guard:
• Small up to 21″ head circumference
• Medium-Large 21” head circumference and up
The BCL® must fit appropriately to provide the intended protection. To measure head circumference, wrap a tape measure around your head about 1/2” above the ear.
Requires an adjustable cap or 1 to 2 sizes larger.


Product Description

  • Tremendous protection for frontal and side impact
  • Meets or exceeds impact standards to frontal areas for both baseball and softball
  • Provides complete coverage to vulnerable temple area, protecting the thinnest area of your skull
  • Low profile with only 5/16-in of thickness in front
  • Flexible and lightweight at 4.3oz
  • Patented D3O high impact “smart foam” technology for superior shock absorption (UK)
  • D3O foam molds and contours to every bump on the head for unparalleled fit and comfort
  • Outer shell made of patented space age metal replacement plastic (Swiss)
  • Fits snugly under a cap, only require 1 size larger if hat is not adjustable
  • Attaches directly to the head and not the hat so stays secure during impact
  • Adjustable VELCRO® brand hook-and-loop strap for precise sizing
  • Head stays cool as top and rear of head are not covered
  • 21 plastic points located on lower frontal lip help secure hat
  • Breathable and washable black cloth backing
  • Size: Small Up to 21″ head circumference
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty