Steven Domalewski’s injury

Steven Domalewski’s injury

Dr. Philip DeFina, founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Scientific Officer of the International Brain Study Foundation (IBRF) has regularly offered therapy to people who were deemed untreatable by the healthcare neighborhood. He, and his group of specialists, continue to practice healing with new, and promising tactics created via scientific study in order to heal folks from traumatic brain injury.

When, in 2006 a Tiny League pitcher, Steven Domalewski was hit by a line drive off a metal bat, the outcome left him in a coma with a prognosis of no recovery, Dr. DeFina stepped in, with his team of specialists, and took charge of Steven’s care. Considering that that day Steven has continued on a lengthy and difficult path to recovery.

Whilst Steven is, these days, unable to carry out functions of day-to-day living, the fact that other doctors said he would not survive beyond a vegetative coma proves the tenacity and innovation of Dr. DeFina’s treatment and care. For the boy who had small hope of survival, to be in a position to stroll from his bedroom to the bathroom with the assistance of his father is an unbelievable good results story.

More than the years, Dr. DeFina has maintained treatment oversight of Steven’s case, watching him progress to greater and higher independence. And his team isn’t stopping. As the Chief Executive and Chief Scientific Officer of IBRF, DeFina continues to accept situations with sufferers who are deemed hopeless.

His operate, and that of his team, has brought hope to Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, and Asperger’s sufferers about the planet. With every of these diseases, the medical stance labels them as irreversible circumstances, and the concentrate of treatment is to slow the progress of a disease that will at some point take the life of its victim.

Dr. DeFina’s team of doctors and scientists does not accept the defeat of an “irreversible” diagnosis. They continue to research new and unexplored tactics for healing. Like in 2006 when Dr. DeFina’s treatment group utilized electrodes on Steven Domalewski’s forearm to boost oxygen flow to his brain, a process that gave the boy the ability to flex is bicep on command the IBRF applies new techniques to old issues with great success.

Nowadays, the IBRF is among the most respected brain specialist organizations in the planet. Their remedy ranges from people in their nineties, suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, to young children like Steven who have had unfortunate accidents resulting in comas and worse. In every location, accomplishment is promising, and Dr. DeFina’s team continues to move forward with hope.


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December 2, 2014