Spark Innovations

Business-InnovationsRobert Dickie founded Spark Innovations Inc. in 1988 to create innovative products with strong intellectual property. After building one of Canada’s largest computer terminal manufacturers, as president of Northern Technologies Corp., a division of Lanpar Technologies Inc., Robert left to start his own company. Early in his career at Lanpar, Robert had created a cable connector that replaced six pieces with one simple-to-use part. This became the basis for his philosophy for Spark. From the start, Spark’s philosophy was to pursue opportunities “in little, high-volume things where we can innovate and patent.”

One of the first products Spark created was the Flatplug Design. Bob realized his baby daughter could pull the electrical plug out of wall sockets too easily, and existing plugs prevented furniture from being pushed flush against the wall. In 1989 Bob raised 1.5 million from private investors to create Paige Manufacturing Inc. to manufacture and market the 6mm thick Flatplug Design. With worldwide patents in place, the Flatplug Design has sold more than 30 million units.

Subsequently, Pulse Innovations formed to market the first direct drive active head electric toothbrush. This direct drive electric toothbrush developed by Spark received worldwide patents and was licensed to Proctor and Gamble and then John O. Butler to create millions of sales. This technology continues to be manufactured and marketed by Brushpoint Innovations for private label sales by major retailers.

Spark created Elumina Technologies Inc. in 2001, with investors, to manufacture and market the first electro-luminescent safety nightlight. Realizing that nightlights attract children and can cause electrocution and fires, the Spark team created and patented the Dimmable nightlight with an electroluminescent panel that produces no heat and with the KidGuard bellows protects children’s little fingers from electrocution. The Elumina line of nightlights continues to grow and is sold at major retailers throughout North America.

Spark formed a partnership with an amateur chef who had an idea for a unique pastry machine in 2002. Kitchen Innovations Inc. manufacturers and markets the patented Pastry Pro and Gourmet Blender to specialty retailers throughout the world.

Today, most of Spark’s services support client projects ranging from small to large companies and innovators wanting to develop and patent their own product designs or innovations. Our technical experience in so many different industries provides a broader range of solutions than would normally exist within most companies. Almost all projects/products involve a high degree of intellectual property work. This often involves prior art review, developing unique and patentable solutions then preparation of patent materials for patent agent filings. Combining both the intellectual property development with the creative is key to delivering the optimum project solutions.