If you were wondering where you can get your hands on a Ball Cap liner BCL® you found the place! We are very exited to announce that you can get purchase a BCL® on our online store!

The Ball Cap Liner BCL® is available in two different sizes, with and without temple guard.

  • BCLST101 Small BCL with Temple Guard

  • BCLS0102 Small Standard BCL

  • BCLLT103 Large BCL with Temple Guard

  • BCLL0104 Large Standard BCL

• Small (Youth) Hat size 65/8 – 71/8 . Less than 22″ head  circumference, approximately 6 to 14 years old
• Large (Adult ) Hat size 7.0- 75/8 . 22” and up head circumference, approximately 12 years old and up
The BCL® must fit appropriately to provide the intended protection. To measure head circumference, wrap a tape measure around your head about 1/2” above the ear. Requires an adjustable cap or 1 to 2 sizes larger.