Stoneham little league voted to make the Ball Cap Liner a requirement!

We are extremely excited to announce that Stoneham little league voted to make the Ball Cap Liner a requirement! All pitchers have to wear a BCL next season.

Teresa Conway contacted us with a story about how the BCL could have saved his son from a serious concussion.

She ordered one as a sample for her son (along with two other options on the market) of the three she stated: “I was most impressed with your design and my son is currently wearing it during his games.”

Her son Wally is 14, in May during a high school baseball game he was pitching and hit by a line drive back to the head. He actually thought the ball only grazed him and continued pitching 3 more innings before having a seizure on the mound and collapsing. Wally was taken to mass general hospital where they found he had a fractured skull and epidural Hematoma.

Teresa said It was the scariest few days of her life!!!

As a result of his injury, Stoneham little league has voted to make it mandatory for the pitcher to wear head protection. The Stoneham high athletic director is also behind implementing mandatory head protection.

Having nearly lost my son that day on the mound, I am very passionate about getting the word out there of the importance of implementing this starting when the kids are very little, so that by the time they reach high school it is second nature to grab their bcl headliner before taking the field.

Teresa even took a BCL to the neurologist treating her son and he gave Wally the all clear to go back on the field as long as he wore only the BCL!!!

Thank you for making a product that doesn’t make my son self conscious on the field and gives his mom piece of mind.

With all the ongoing incidents and concussions parents and leagues needed a solution to children’s safety!

BCL is the safest baseball head protection in the market. Its perfectly engineered, Space age materials, certified performance, extreme comfort, only 4.3 ounces, invisible, exclusive temple protection and competitively priced.

Find out how you can protect your leagues with the BCL, contact us today!

Ball Cap LIner
Ball Cap Liner
Ball Cap Liner