Concussions are very serious head injuries that occur in baseball all too often. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that results when a blow to the head shake she brain inside the skull. There are no physical signs of a concussion and when left untreated can have long-term negative consequences for our athletes. Ball Cap Liner proves the protection necessary to decrease the risk and level of severe brain trauma. Ball Cap Liner does not prevent concussions and brain trauma, but acts as a last line of defense, greatly reducing the intensity of impact from line-drives and comebackers.

Never assume it cannot happen to your child because it absolutely can. It only takes one proactive measure to prevent your child from becoming another statistic. Why even risk it. Like Cliff Floyd says, “We can fix teeth and broken noses but not our brains.”

These are the stories of the youth, amateur and professional athletes that inspire the creation and perfection of Ball Cap Liner.

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