Cliff Floyd is a 17-year Major League Baseball veteran, World Series Champion, and former All-Star. Cliff is considered to be one of Illinois’ greatest athletes of all time. He was drafted in 1991 by the Montreal Expos (14th overall) then went on to win the World Series with the 1997 Florida Marlins. During his career, he played with the Boston Red Sox, New York Mets and Chicago Cubs, then joined the Tampa Bay Rays where he led a young squad on a magical run to the World Series in 2008. He retired from baseball permanently in 2009 as a San Diego Padre.

Following his retirement, Cliff Floyd realized that athletes needed protection from unnecessary head injuries. He partnered with Pauze Innovations in 2010 to develop Ball Cap Liner. He aims to make Ball Cap Liner an essential part of the sport to prevent injuries from ending lives and careers.

In 2011, Cliff Floyd formed the Cliff Floyd Foundation, to help build a brighter future for youth in South Florida through positive mentorship programs. Through the work of the Cliff Floyd Foundation and his partnership with Pauze Innovations, Cliff Floyd is making strides to enhance the quality of life for youth and athletes around the world.


Adam Pauze established Pauze Innovations in 2009 during a production of his breakout invention the “Drywall Axe.” Adam Pauze worked in construction for 20 years and healthcare for 10 years. His combined experience in these fields provided the foundation and creative vision for Drywall Axe (and, eventually, Ball Cap Liner). His mission to deliver on his first invention led him through the product development business and ultimately inspired Pauze Innovations. In 2012, Adam Pauze won the “ERA Award” for the inventor of the year for the Drywall Axe.

While taking the Drywall Axe public, Adam Pauze and Pauze Innovations partnered with MLB World Series veteran, Cliff Floyd. Together, they took the Drywall Axe to the next tier, securing a deal in the Dragon’s Den, and developed their newest breakthrough invention in safety equipment, the Ball Cap Liner.

Ball Cap Liner is designed to protect athletes of all calibers from severe head injury by shielding from high-velocity projectiles. And is hailed as the second line of defense when athlete’s don’t have enough time to react. Ball Cap Liner is ICS Laboratories Inc. tested and exceeds the standard of protection for youth baseball and youth softball.

Pauze Innovations is geared towards the little inventor with a big idea. Their team consists of mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, and electrical engineers. Combined with Adam Pauze’s hard-won experience and Cliff Floyd’s creative visions, Pauze Innovations dials in on consumer needs to create products the right way.


Spark Innovations was established in 1989 by Robert Dickie to create innovative products with a strong intellectual property. After building one of Canada’s largest computer terminal manufacturers, as president of Northern Technologies Corp., a division of Lanpar Technologies Inc., Robert left to start his own company. Early in his career at Lanpar, Robert created a cable connector that replaced six pieces with one simple-to-use part. This became the basis for his philosophy for Spark Innovations. From the start, Spark’s philosophy was to pursue opportunities “in little, high-volume things where we can innovate and patent.”

Spark Innovations is an award-winning industrial design company that specializes in taking ideas to mass market. Their team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers have taken thousands of products from inception to creation. Today, Spark Innovations support projects large and small by innovators wanting to develop and patent their own designs.

Their technical experience in so many different industries provides a broader range of solutions that would normally exist within most companies. Almost all projects/products involve a high degree of intellectual property work. This often involves prior art review, developing unique and patentable solutions then preparation of patent materials for patent agent filings. Combining both the intellectual property development with the creative is key to delivering the optimum project solutions.

Pause Innovations partnered with Spark Innovations to deliver on Ball Cap Liner. Their proven history in sports and recreation product development provided the necessary direction for each design of Ball Cap Liner. And their unique, patentable solutions helped Pauze Innovations aim Ball Cap Liner for commercial success in a diverse range of sports-related markets.